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Our Ethos

Fractal CG, Our Ethos

"A picture paints a thousand words"

We're exposed to an enormous amount of visual content every day, most of which goes completely unnoticed. At Fractal CG we believe that truly conveying your message takes immersive, thought-provoking experiences. This is why our process is about more than just creating digital content.


Our Story

Fractal CG studio is where we create all our CGI Visualisation, CAD and Website Design content. Our distributed computing network enables us to provide high-quality creative services. In addition, we believe that quality is about more than raw computing power, which is why we ensure enjoyment and creative energy never leave the studio.

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The Team

Creating high quality digital content takes passion and an obsession for the finest details. As product design graduates of Loughborough University, we strive to bring a flare of creativity and imagination to everything we do. This and our industry experience in creative content production allows us to focus on the minute details that transforms our CGI Visualisation, CAD and Web content.


Ryan Miller

Photography | Music | Climbing | Exploring

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Marcus Swallow

Photography | Kite-surfing | Climbing | Windsurfing

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