Ruskin Inside™ VR Experience

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Ruskin Design

Leading car interior specialists, Ruskin Design provide handcrafted leather re-trim services for vehicle interiors and bespoke customisation projects. Every Ruskin Inside™ is “high quality, handcrafted in Britain, and has 100% guaranteed workmanship during the lifetime of the client ownership of the vehicle”. Learn more at the Ruskin Design website.

Virtual Reality Experience - LRO Show 2019

Ruskin Design will be exhibiting at the Land Rover Owner Show 2019 at the East of England Showground in Peterborough during 14th-15th September. To bring the full experience of a Ruskin Inside™ to the event, Ruskin Design will be hosting a virtual reality experience in collaboration with Fractal CG.

As part of the VR experience, visitors will enter a virtual Land Rover Defender, with a full Ruskin Design leather interior. The experience will highlight key aspects of vehicle interiors with Ruskin Inside™, being a replica of a bespoke re-trim created by Ruskin Design this year.

Whilst inside the virtual Land Rover, viewers can remove the leather trim to see the bare framework that the Defender interior was stripped down to before being completely re-trimmed; showing the level of detail that goes into every bespoke project.

Creating Virtual Reality

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By using a real Land Rover with Ruskin Inside™, Fractal CG used 3D scanning to produce a detailed reconstruction of the framework, dash, seats & other trim.

The full interior space has been created virtually to allow movement around the vehicle. To build a before & after view, the Defender was also scanned in a stripped-down state, revealing the framework underneath and demonstrating the scale of a Ruskin Design re-trim.


See you at the show!

We’ll be joining Ruskin Design at the Land Rover Owner Show this year and would love to see you there. For more info on the show, click here and stay tuned as we post more news and previews of the experience.



An online version of the Ruskin Inside VR Experience is now available.


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