Meet the Team

Ryan Miller

Partner & Digital Content Creator

A designer at heart, I've been dedicated to creating and developing content for as long as I can remember. I've spent many years now working with physical and virtual product development in a wide range of industries, ultimately leading me to Fractal CG.

Of course I don't spend all my time in the studio, at least I try not to...

Climbing and bouldering are some of my favourite pastimes and it's rare for me to go a week without a trip to a local wall. If I'm not climbing, you'll probably find me with my Les Paul or making a racket on the piano. Music is perhaps my oldest hobby and it follows me in everything I do.

Fractal CG Ryan Miller

Marcus Swallow

Partner & Digital Content Creator

Coming from a product design background I am always thinking of ways to develop how we work and the technology we use. So at Fractal CG we manage all of the technology, network and software within the studio. 

For those that have spent time with me, you will be aware that I never choose easy sports. When I am not in the Fractal CG studio, you will most likely find me climbing in Loughborough and Nottingham, kite-surfing in Old Hunstanton or windsurfing at Rutland.  I find that sports are the best way to relax, as they completely consume your attention and push you physically. In addition, it is always great meeting others with the same interests. 

Fractal CG Marcus Swallow

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