What is CGI?


CGI is a very commonly used abbreviation, especially when discussing films. However, it is not always fully understood…

Definition of CGI

CGI Nautical Render | Retro Cruiser - From 3D Scene to Rendered Image

CGI Nautical Render | Retro Cruiser - From 3D Scene to Rendered Image

Computer Generated Imagery is the process of using computers to create virtual images and generally refers to the visualisation of 3D objects.

Although CGI is most commonly thought to be related to the film industry, in truth it influences everyone on a daily basis. We are exposed to art, print media, video games, television programs, shorts, commercials videos and simulators, all of which include the use of CGI.


Why use CGI?

There are four main reasons for using CGI:

| Perfection

When using CGI it is very easy to create perfect imagery, with no surface marks, fingerprints or dust. This is one of the main reasons why it is used in product advertisement as it demonstrates “perfection”. However, it is important to realise that it is still possible to introduce imperfections for a realistic effect.

| Possibilities

There are very few limitations when using CGI, as it does not need to abide by real world physics. Therefore, 3D rendered still images and animations can create scenarios or objects that would have been impossible to capture. This opens a world of possibilities for captivating content.

| Cost

In many cases due to the impracticality of creating photography studios and cinematography setups, CGI can be very cost effective. Virtual scenes can be created for a fraction of the cost, with virtual environments and props.

| Time

Similarly to cost, CGI can be much more time efficient than conventional methods. With virtual scenes available in hours or days, not weeks. This time advantage can be incredibly beneficial for pitches and tight deadlines.



See the examples below to get a better understanding of the four biggest benefits of using CGI:


The Tracker Off-road Bike animation would be reasonably straight forward to film. However, the use of CGI means that a “perfect” material finish can be produced.

CGI Automotive Animation | Tracker Off-road Bike



The Hypolens animation demonstrates a scenario where CGI is much more effective, as it would have been near impossible to create using conventional methods.

CGI Product Animation | Hypolens



The Modern Kitchen interior visualisation is a great example of cost effectiveness, as the project cost a fraction of what it would have been to build and photograph.

CGI Interior Render | Modern Kitchen

CGI Interior Render | Modern Kitchen



The Retro Cruiser could be visualised in a virtual sea, removing the time needed for a real-world photography session. Using CGI for the perfect backdrop and camera angle.

CGI Nautical Render | Retro Cruiser

CGI Nautical Render | Retro Cruiser


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