3D Visualisation Studio


3D visualisation studio is a term used to describe the companies that specialise in creating 3D visualisations.

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Why use a 3D Visualisation Studio?

The creation of 3D visualisations is not as simple as pressing the “render button”, it takes time, expertise and attention to detail. Without 3D artists and render farms it would not be possible to create photorealistic: 

  • Still Imagery | Using 3D rendering software it is possible to create still imagery for marketing and demonstrative purposes.

  • 3D Animation | Are created using a string of 3D render frames, most commonly 30 of these frames are shown per second to create an animation.  

  • Virtual reality | Uses head mounted screens to immerse the user in a virtual world, allowing the user a full 360-degree view of their surroundings. As the headset reacts to the user’s head movement and body position it gives the illusion that you have been transported into another reality.


Types of 3D Visualisation Studio

There are three main sectors of the 3D visualisation industry:

Architectural Visualisation Studio

Architectural visualisations studios create visuals for a range of new builds and developments, aiding design development, planning approval and marketing:

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Landscape

  • Leisure & Tourism

  • Residential

Previously, 3D modelling and hand drawn sketches were used and although some companies still prefer to use these more traditional methods, 3D architectural visualisations can be a more beneficial way of conveying a project.

Product Visualisation Studio

Product visualisations studios create content within the following industries;

  • Food

  • Furniture

  • Jewellery

  • Packaging

  • Technology

Predominately product visualisations are used to aid the advertising and marketing of new technologies and designs. If there is a large budget, animations are used to promote the product on TV and across social media.

Transport Visualisation Studio

Transport visualisations studios create content within the following industries;

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Nautical

Similarly to product visualisations, transport visualisations are used on TV and across social media to advertise the brand and products.


Visualisation Studio

3D Artists

3D artist is the term used to describe the professionals that create the visualisations. In small companies it is common for a 3D artist to cover all elements of the production process, however in large companies the 3D artists tend to be very specialist.  

Render Farm

Within most 3D Visualisation Studios there will be several high-powered computers, which are allocated to complete the rendering process. This set of computers are sometimes referred to as a render farm and without it, it would be very difficult to produce photorealistic content.  In smaller companies the render farm could consist of several desktop computers in the corner of a room, whilst larger companies will have dedicated servers, server racks and server rooms.


Alternatively, to using your own in-house render farm, there are several companies that allow you to outsource the rendering process:

  • RebusFarm | “RebusFarm aims at fulfilling the growing need of rendering power in the field of 3D-animation. RebusFarm supports a wide range of 3D applications, including the host applications, as well as secondary rendering applications.” – Rebus Farm 2019

  • Render Nations | “Over the last 13 years, our success has been underpinned by providing a professional and cost-effective solution to rendering, tailored to the needs of our clients. Our in-house render farm is optimised for high performance computing and is housed in an environmentally controller server room.”  - Render Nation 2019

  • RenderNow | “RenderNow is a UK based cloud render farm service dedicated to bringing down the cost and time of rendering whatever the size of your project, ensuring that your project meets your deadline.” – Render Now 2019