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Fractal CG , CAD, Computer Aided Design, Bike Helmet



CAD Production

Our team have years of experience working with surface models, solid models and engineering drawings.


3D Data Production

We appreciate that accuracy and quality are incredibly important in design and production environments. We use the most up-to-date, industry standard, parametric and poly-based softwares to ensure high-quality professional data production.

Fractal CG , CAD, Computer Aided Design, Solid Modelling

Solid Modelling

CAD modelled parts and full assemblies for design, production and more.

Fractal CG , CAD, Computer Aided Design, Surface Modelling

Surface Modelling

Surface modelling is key to production grade, organic or complex CAD models.


2D Data Production

Necessary throughout production, 2D CAD data improves setup, manufacturing and inspection.

Fractal CG , CAD, Computer Aided Design, 2D Modelling

2D Modelling

Ready for laser cutting, fabrication and more.

DraftingFractal CG , CAD, Computer Aided Design, Drafting

Draft Drawings

Industry standard draft / engineering drawings, ready for production.


A Dedicated Team

All our CAD production services are operated from our creative studio in Melton Mowbray. We support businesses in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottingham and the rest of the UK.